Facility Guide

Guest House
We welcome you at the Front desk in the guest house. You can also ask rental goods and buy souvenior shopping here.
Toilet, Kitchen
Flush toilet with heater. Hot water is available at Water Tab.
Public Bath
Men, Women separated. Coin Loundries are available.
Bath operation : 8am-10:30am, 3pm-10pm (3pm-12pm : busy season)
Dog run
Your dogs must be enjoy in 800 acres apaces !
Fishing Pond
Rainbow trout fishing. ¥1,650 per person per 4 body of trout including fishing rod and fishbait.
Relaxing area
Inner space of Guest house. BBQ is available with gas stove. (Max capacity = 60 people, with charge)
Canoe & Kayak
To become an AMEMBO in Saiko Lake
Forest Camp at the foot of Mt.Fuji
Feel nature colse to you on Yamanaka Lake